How to Resize WSL2 VHDX Virtual Disk

I was struggling to compact my WSL VHDX disk, it has hardly 10 GB data but it was showing 72 GB in size.  I used following method one which gave 1 GB benefit. But method 2 saved 50GB+ space…

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Excel Powerquery REST API Call

url = "" , headers = [ # "Content-Type" = "application/json" , # "trackingId" = "0a48aa65-dd11-…

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Agile Scrum Foundation : Self Assesment Answers

Which of the following statements best reflects one of the concepts articulated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development? SELECT THE CORRECT ANSWER Collaborative contract negotiati…

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Windows 11 WSL - PHP 8.1 Apache2 MariaDB

Windows 10 or WIndows 11, but WSL 2 provides huge support to linux development. In this article i want to quickly guide you how I have setup PHP 8.1 (latest), Apache2 and MariaDB (alternati…

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Simplest 2 Minute Tutorial to Python

Comments # This is a one-line Python comment - code blocks are so useful! """This type of comment is used to document the purpose of functions and classes.""&q…

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